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My name is Lynne Carey, and I’m a Freelance Writer, Web Designer and Content Marketer. I’m Australian, so this is where I live and work. When I’m not sitting at my laptop, I might be preparing a vegan meal, out getting some fresh air near the beach or in the Australian bush, or just looking after my two senior pups, Jessie (17 1/2) and Rusty (14).

I鈥檓 pretty happy to be living in Australia, particularly with the year we’ve had in 2020!

You can find me on the following platforms.

Beach Side

We recently moved back to Queensland after spending just over a year living in our Motor home down in the beautiful Victoria. Above is near where we are currently located, and it’s wonderful to be able to visit the beach and enjoy the fresh air. Below was a pic of setting off on our trip south in mid 2019.

Motor Home

My husband still works outside the home or motorhome, but for me, it was great to be able to work even while living in our mobile setup.

My aim is to make it so that neither of us have to work away from home, so it will make traveling easier.

Motor Home Work Space

My work space in the Motorhome was a bit limited, but worked out pretty well. I had it set up on the main table.

My husband was able to use one of the front cabin seats which swiveled around with a fold up table. It seemed to work ok. Since moving back into a house I’m able to go back to my original work space which includes my two large add on screens. 馃檪

My home work space

So that’s better of course, but it was still very manageable when we were mobile.

And of course, wherever I am, the pups, are never too far away!.

Jessie and Rusty

So that’s probably enough about me … How about you? You are here for a reason, please share what you are looking for.

If I can help you get to where you want to go, then that works out well for me too.

Have you started an online business, but you’ve stalled? Or maybe you haven’t started, and you are not sure just what you need to do to start.

If you would like some help with moving forward with your own lifestyle business, then just head over to the contact page, and get in touch. I’m happy to help in any way I can.

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