Make Money Blogging

Can You Make Money Blogging?

Do you already have a website up and running and you’re looking for ways to make money blogging?

Blogging IncomeMaybe you are already making some blogging income, but you want to start scaling things up.

Today I want to share a podcast done by a fellow Australian. Probably, more importantly, he’s also a very well-known blogger internationally. He’s been around for a while and has built up a huge following.

Darren Rowse from runs a regular Podcast and in this particular episode, I found, he talks about “5 Areas to Focus on to Grow Your Blogging Income“.

Darren Rowse-ProBlogger
Darren Rowse-ProBlogger

He goes through explaining his own experience when he was growing his blog and business and what sort of things he did to increase his income. Like a lot of us, when we get started online (and for some of us way past starting …) we treat our online work as a hobby.

Here is a little of his story:

To cut the long story short, I realized I needed to really escalate the growth of my income. Because it was a very slow, steady growth, and it eventually was going to get to be a full time thing if it kept growing the way that it was, but it was gonna take me 10 years to get to that point.

We set ourselves a six month time limit to do it which perhaps is not the most realistic deadline saying, “I’m gonna be full time in six months,” isn’t something I would recommend every blogger do. But we kind of sensed that I really needed to have this deadline because I was treating it as a one-day thing. We set ourselves this deadline.

He tells how this story came about, when he was having a conversation with another blogger who had been blogging for a couple of years. While she knew how to make money blogging, it had all come to a bit of a stalemate and she was keen to know how to significantly increase her income … she, in fact wanted to double it!

If you head over to ProBlogger you can have a listen and get the rest of the story, plus all the fabulous tips Darren shares.

There is also the full transcript over on that page so if you want to read through instead of listening, or while you are listening you can.
I hope you pick up some good tips … I need a few of those myself!

Where are you at with your online business? Do you have a blog? Are you making any income from it? Just take a minute and share below, plus let me know what you learned from the podcast.

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