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5 Tips to Help You Avoid Scams

Here’s 5 Tips to Help You Avoid Scams

Scams seem to be a dime a dozen online these days; So how can you tell a Scam?

I was just thinking this morning after checking out an offer that is going around at the moment…

It is a professionAvoid Scamal presentation (a little bit too professional), showing expensive house, car and private jets. The guy in the video (Antonio), is supposedly making 1 million dollars a month, but feels guilty that he has not been sharing his methods with others who are still chasing the dream…

Now on the face of it that might seem ok… But here are the problems I see…

Firstly, he goes on and on about his success, shows lots of screen captures of income (easy to fake…)

He also had a bunch of ‘students’ providing testimonials, but really they all sounded like actors. I don’t know for sure that they were, but let’s just say, I would not be surprised.

I guess I would have trusted him more if he had been up front telling you what the product actually is, but no… just a long video aimed at building up your hopes and dreams, all focussed on getting you to buy.

I didn’t buy… 🙂

But I did do a little bit of research and found that really it is unlikely that the product would deliver on the huge promises made. And it sounds like it is far from a complete system.

They always make it sound super easy (and when you are starting, nothing is ‘super easy’…). The best you can hope for is that the system or training you are following is easy to follow and actually complete, giving you all the information you need to implement your own success!

So with all that, I thought that you might find it helpful to keep these few points in mind whenever you are considering purchasing an offer that makes lots of promises…

Here are my suggestions for avoiding online scams:

  1. Never just believe screen shots of income, in fact turns out you can’t even believe a video showing you them logging into a Clickbank account, because I have heard there is a special script that can be run which falsifies earnings… They can make their Clickbank commissions look like whatever they want for the sake of the video (and if they can do it for Clickbank, I expect they can do it for ClickSure or any other Network).
  2. Never trust anyone that doesn’t spell out clearly what it is they are selling… after all if it is so good, why can’t they actually tell you what it is up front, obviously, without giving away
  3. Always search Warrior Forum for any posts about a product you are considering purchasing…. You will be very glad you did (actually, you might just want to join WF anyway, to get some good free information… however, be warned… don’t start buying lot’s of ‘cheap’ WSO’s (you will be surprised just how quickly those small amounts add up).
  4. Always be wary of anyone promising a ‘quick, easy or instant’ solutions to making money online…. Big warning signal there!
  5. One last thing you can do, although this is not set in cement, because other things can influence the results… But try emailing the person who has sent you the offer, and see what sort of reply you get. Or if you even get a reply. Many people marketing online, want to sell you things, but they are not so happy to actually spend any time helping you out… As I say, there are other factors that might affect this one… your email not getting seen, or some other unusual set of circumstances…

So there are 5 things you can do to help avoid becoming the victim of online scams.

It is usually best to buy from people you can trust and who are happy to help you out if they can.

Plus one other tip… while there are a lot of not so good products out there for sale, there are some good ones, and here you can get caught in another trap of purchasing way too many things.

What happens is they end up sitting on your hard drive gathering cyber dust, because it is so easy to forget what you even have. So make it a rule to only ever buy something that you know you will use, this week or next, or something that really fits in your overall plan for your business.

Hope you are having a great day, and this information saves you some frustration and hopefully some wasted dollars.

Feel free to share below any experiences you have had online!

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