Failing at Internet Marketing

Are You Failing at Internet Marketing?

How to Stop Failing at Internet Marketing!

This is a subject way close to home…

Failing at Internet Marketing

Nobody wants to be a failure! We all want to make the lives of ourselves and our families better and for many the promise of online ‘riches’ is just too good to resist…

And yes it’s true

….. there are scams and many people out there prey on these heart felt dreams and aspirations of others, but at the same time there are genuine people out there who really get a kick out of helping others succeed.

Today might be a Crossroads for you to make that turn from Failure to real Success in Internet Marketing!

Let me tell you a little story first…

I got started online back in 2004 and to be honest, at the time, it all looked simple and straight forward. I figured it wouldn’t take me long to get things working and to start seeing some regular profits!

Well I couldn’t have been more wrong!!

Over the years I have certainly made some money, but it has always been infrequent and not enough to make a huge difference… real success eluded me and looking back I can certainly see a lot of what I have been doing wrong.

Hopefully if you are finding yourself in a similar position then you might benefit from hearing about my mistakes as well as what I have found that actually works…

Maybe you are the type of marketer who has been at this awhile, but have still not seen a lot of (if any) success?

Selecting a Niche Market to focus on, was one of the things that caused me to stumble a lot, over the years, especially in the early days, but even more recently it still caused me problems, just for different reasons.

Working Out Where to Start…

Most people who come into this business flit around going from one business model to another… Jumping from one niche to another… They are just not sure what is going to ‘fit’ them. They might even try to get into a few different niches all at once (yes… I am guilty of this too!).

Or, maybe, they already kCrossroad of Failure or Successnow the business model they want to pursue but they just can’t settle on a niche they would feel happy to stay in.

Maybe your failure might be your lack of a follow through and a lack of sustained focus, and maybe you need to work through some information concerning a couple of different niches or markets that you might be able to narrow down your interests before you decide.

The Bad News… (for some).

Ok… so one thing is certain, this might be bad news for some, and maybe you don’t want to believe it, but really it is true… to succeed with Internet marketing it takes time and consistent effort.

It takes a real commitment not only to your own business goals, but also to your audience – and not just let yourself become tied down to a list of keywords and search engine optimization tactics.

When you find an audience that you genuinely want to serve, it makes this whole process a ton easier in terms of monetization. And while clearly you want to profit from your business, it should not be foremost in your mind… rather organize yourself a Niche Selection Checklist of things that you need to feel or observe in order to relate to your market.

If it is already a niche or market that interests you, then this should be pretty straight forward. It doesn’t have to be contrived.

As I said, this is probably more bad news for some people, especially if the main goal was to get online and just make money without worrying about forming relationships with actual people!! Ugh… 🙂

What to Add to Your Niche Selection Checklist?

So what exactly do you want to be including in this checklist?

  • One of the most important things towards ensuring you are on the right track, is to know that you are able to feel genuine empathy for your audience and understand the challenges they face each day. If you truly want to help them, it will make content creation and recommendations natural and easy to fulfill.
  • So you can list some of the challenges that confront those people in your market and by doing this get a sense of how much you can personally relate to them.
  • Another item on your checklist is whether or not you can find enough opportunities for products to promote within your niche. If you don’t have plenty of products, it could mean your niche is too narrow.

When you learn how to create a niche profit funnel, you actually learn about the right way to go from a cold prospect to a verified buyer and a loyal customer – using a funnel system that initiates contact with your visitor and then feeds them every bit of information they need to know (including product recommendations) so that you turn a tidy profit relatively quickly and easily.

A Bad Niche Can Lead to Failure

If you’ve been failingSucceed at Internet Marketing at Internet marketing, it certainly could be your niche. There are some niches that just aren’t viable for a good source of income. But in most cases, it’s simply a matter of you not understanding the start to finish steps involved in building relationships with an audience and catering to their needs.

No two niches are identical, either. Each one has their own unique quirks and preferences. You will likely need to tailor your approach for your audience, too. As an example, if you are in the exercise niche, then you have everything from hardcore bodybuilders to senior citizens wanting to retain their mobility, so each broad niche will have within it a bunch of smaller more specific niches.

This means your message has to be fluid enough to work with a wide array of prospects.

It is definitely possible to set up as a test, a simple funnel system in a niche, so you can see how the public responds to it. But first, you need to be prepared to make that commitment to long-term leadership.

Most certainly, deciding on a good niche market is going to be an important step towards building a successful business online.

What Has Been Your Experience? Perhaps You Can Leave a Comment Below and Share Your Thoughts…

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