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Quick Start Challenge Key Takeaways Week 2

Ok… so I’m NOT learning anything NEW in this thing!

Maybe you’ve been onBusiness Ball and Chainline for quite a while like me and have spent way too much money on way too many courses, and maybe you are not learning anything new either…

But here’s the thing…

If you feel like you are dragging your online business around like a ball and chain and it just seems impossible to get the momentum you need to get it to the top of the mountain and rolling down the other side… then please follow along as I ‘unfold’ my journey over the coming days and weeks…

Yes, I did say that… I’m not learning anything new…

And thank goodness for that, I say… because Ive had information overload running out my ears for years now, and I really have to buckle down, ‘bite the bullet’ and focus. It’s beyond ‘make or break’ time, and the Quick Start Challenge is really helping me to get on task!

So learning new stuff can be over rated and I didn’t sign up to ‘learn new stuff’ anyway, as such (although always on the look out to learn); My main reason for signing up was so I could use the QSC as a tool to get myself moving.

I’m sure there are a bunch of people who are doing this challenge, that might be hitting a bit of overwhelm by about now, trying to learn a whole lot of new things…

It can certainly be daunting… don’t let yourself think about ‘all’ that you have to do, instead, just keep bringing yourself back to staying focused on the tasks at hand, and know that where you are is exactly where you need to be right now…

Think of it like laying a solid foundation and really you are just putting one brick at a time into it… over time you will continue to build on what you have started with the challenge.

On the Other Hand…

If you are like me… have been around online for too many years, have already gained a lot of technical know-how, learned a lot of strategies and methods for making money online, but still have not quite ‘cracked’ the code to regular and meaningful income… then really you have a head start providing you can ‘break’ out of the mindset that has likely been contributing to holding you back.

Is the Quick Start Challenge is a waste of time for non-newbies?

Absolutely not!

Pushing Up HillAs it turns out… And you have likely already worked this out… Knowing a lot of ‘stuff’ doesn’t of itself, bring success…

And, how often are you told to just ‘take action, take action and take action’…

Perhaps surprisingly, often times even doing a lot of ‘stuff’ doesn’t get you where you want to go, because it is not just about taking action but rather taking the right actions and building momentum.

Perfectionism and learning how to do everything yourself is a real killer… unless you have a few hundred grand to throw away and are happy to become several years older in the process, because it takes a long time sometimes to learn so much ‘stuff’.

Maybe you think you need to know ‘it all’ or ‘a lot’ before you can get serious… ahem… yes I am certainly guilty of this one!

For me I think Dean summed up what it’s about for those of us who have been at this for some time… he said it well when he said it’s about ‘forming new habits because your habits to date have not gotten you to where you want to be…’

One of the Lucky Ones

So I am lucky in a lot of ways… I know how to work with WordPress, I know how to use Google Analytics and

Webmaster Tools (although I’m sure I can still learn more), I know how to set up Autoresponders, and I even know how to make videos (although I have procrastinated with that one for years!)…

In a way, it makes doing this challenge a whole lot easier, but then again, it’s not all it’s cracked up to be… because it’s cost me a lot to get to this point.

It’s cost me way more than it needed to, in time, in money and even in losing belief in myself and my ability to actually get it done!

So if you are in the position of learning, then that is ok, it’s great in fact, you get to do it right from the very start.

Make the most of it… all steps forward are progress… and even after you have finished the challenge you can likely ‘repeat’ it again to redo or improve on what you achieved the first time you went through it.

It’s not about getting everything perfect straight up… this whole online marketing thing is a journey, you just need to have clear goals and keep moving forward taking relevant and specific action to achieve them.

What am I getting out of the Quick Start Challenge?

I think this applies to everyone no matter where you are starting, and that is to make sure you have set specific goals and tasks and to be accountable for getting them done within a certain time frame.

I know for me… any significant progress I have ever made online has always been during those times where I was motivated to identify the ‘important tasks’ and then to focus on getting them done by a set time or day.

So here is a short list of what I am getting out of the QSC…

  • Refining my immediate priorities and goals
  • Focusing to get the tasks done within the set time frame
  • Renewed enthusiasm and appreciation for tactics that I am already familiar with, but have never really made proper use of.
  • More clarity, determination… and did I say FOCUS 🙂

Some of the Quick Start Challenge Key Takeaways Week 2

  • The difference between those who are getting traffic and those who are not, is how much action you are taking (obviously, the right action)
  • What if I just went where the traffic is… (pretty obviously really, and while I’ve heard it before, I needed to be reminded)
  • Learned nothing new so far… So ‘knowing’ stuff does not necessarily equal success
    Zone in on what you want to do… Don’t spread yourself too thin… You can be doing many things poorly… or you can do a few things well!
  • Stop ‘dabbling’ in this and that, and start making a plan and working that plan consistently

Steps to Success…

Steps to SuccessI think the biggest challenge any of us are likely to face while trying to get a business started online, is ‘ourselves’ and our ability to get and maintain the right frame of mind. Also, to be disciplined over time to not keep looking for the ‘quick’ reward, so you can make real progress towards your goals.

Yes… it does take effort pushing this ‘mammoth boulder’ up to the mountain top where it can start taking on a life of its own, rolling down the other side… but it is so worth it… and for me at least it is years overdue.

We just need to have a clear vision of of what we want to achieve, and keep walking up those ‘steps to success’… keep pushing forward, onward and upward!

I hope I can get to know you and maybe even help you along the road of your online journey… perhaps I can help you up the steps to success and hopefully avoid some of the pitfalls along the way…

That would be awesome! 🙂

So Where Do You Find Yourself? Suffering Information Overload or Like Me… Getting a Good Kick in the Pants to get this thing Happening Once and For All?

Please take a minute to leave a comment below and let me know where you are at… By the way, you might like to mention any area you are struggling with… maybe I can help in some way! 🙂

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  1. Like you I have been in Internet Marketing for a while now. Through persistence and time I actually make a small passive income, so I know it is possible. But I have always wanted to build and have a list I can share with and at times market to. I believe the Quick Start Challenge is giving me, like you, the needed PUSH to take action and holding me accountable to I stick with it. Good luck with the Quick Start Challenge Lynne. I look forward to following your progress and success. Let’s do this!!

    1. Hey There Mark,

      I reckon people like us could start their own ‘club’ ha ha… Nice to meet you though, and nice that I am not the only one to be in this situation! I will head over and visit your site as well… and I agree… Let’s DO this! 🙂

  2. Hello Lynne,

    your blog looks amazing and will be a very good starting point for your IM career.
    Keep up your frequently posts. I guess you will have soon a great audience.


    1. Hi Jochen, Thank you for your kind comments and for taking the time to stop by and comment… I will be visiting your site as well, and adding you to my ‘Watch’ list. 🙂

  3. Hi Lynn,

    I am an aussie as well 🙂

    Just like you – I have been doing a lot of learning for a few years with the many courses that I have bought, have learned wordpress and even do some things in Photoshop too.

    Traffic is something that I am yet to get good at, but am working on.
    Blog Commenting and forums are two great free traffic methods from the quick start challenge which are great habits to do.

    1. Hwy Shane, My apologies for my being ‘absent’ and not responding to your comments sooner… Always nice to meet a fellow Aussie! And it sounds like we have some similar experiences, including the ‘traffic’ thing… 🙂 I agree about the blog commenting and forums, but I must confess with things that have been going on at home I have been somewhat ‘slack’ and not doing everything I should be (a common thing I find in my life and situation… there’s always something happening it seems). Meanwhile, your comments have ‘forced’ me back into action!! So thanks for stopping by and taking the time to comment. I will be visiting your site also, and will add it to my list. 🙂

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