Let Go of the Familiar

Thank You to My QSC Visitors

A Quick Post Before Bed…

It’s getting late here in Australia…

I currently live in Brisbane, which as far as cities go, is a Let Go of the Familiarnice one, although I would like to move back to the country. But that’s a whole other story.

I was just thinking how much I am enjoying having people come and comment on my posts. It’s almost a new experience, despite being online for 11 years.

It’s a bit funny in a way… funny strange, not funny ‘ha ha’…

I have probably somewhere between 25 and 30 websites; I’m not even sure how many… way too many, I know that much.

Clearly, it would be impossible to post on every one of them every day myself, unless I was in a position to employ a team, and I’m not. So really having so many can be a huge head ache not to mention time drain. And I have not actually been able to get a lot of traffic to most of them… there are only so many hours in a day!

They all need regular maintenance, backups and software updates etc. so really I have never done a lot of personal stuff on a blog, and not frequently enough to actually build much of an audience, so there has been minimal interaction…

It’s been a bit of a one-way-street you could say.

I know that you guys are visiting primarily because of the challenge, but even so, I have really appreciated each one of you taking the time to comment, and as it turns out something unexpected happened because of each of you.

I found that having people making comments has affected how I feel about posting! It’s been a bit exciting even…

I would never have written a post like this… ever… except for the fact that the feedback has given me some enthusiasm that I have not really had like this way before.


I really wanted to say a special thank you to anyone who has commented and to anyone else who chooses to do so, because it is actually really helpful, and I am very grateful.

I have made a point of getting back to everyone’s site and will continue to do so, and I hope that each of you is enjoying the experience as much as I am.

What I am Planning!

I have a plan to do an instructional post tomorrow, all about protecting your websites. So hopefully I can get that done, and also, hopefully it will be helpful especially to those who are new to using WordPress and building websites.

I will share a few tips for how you can not only protect yourself from hackers but also make sure you don’t run the risk of losing all your hard work.

So for all those people around the world who are just starting their day, or are still in the middle of it… I hope you have a great day… and for those who might be here in

Australia or perhaps in some of the surrounding countries that are close to my time zone… have a good rest ready to get stuck back into the challenge in the morning!

Please take a moment to share if you have had a similar experience having people commenting on your posts.

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  1. Hi, Lynne. I love such personal messages. I can completely understand you because I have many websites, too. You probably don’t need this, but I can tell you I felt relief and had more success when I decided to close some of them and focus on only a few. Take care. 🙂

    1. Thanks Irena, I’m sure the personal stuff is not everybody’s cup of tea, but that’s ok… Glad you liked, I have been very grateful to people such as yourself being kind enough to take the time. And your advice is very good advice. I have actually let a bunch go, but still have quite a few. I just don’t focus on ‘personal’ attention as much as I do say for this site (now at least) and there is another site (https://urbangardensurvival.com) I have that I have focused on a bit… although that is somewhat neglected as well. It is based more about some personal interests of mine… but I am doing so much online stuff, I don’t get the time to garden as much as I would like to… I have decided to focus on this site for now, and maybe get back to the other later on if I can. Anyway… thanks again for stopping by 🙂

  2. HI Lynne, I have sympathy with the number of websites and keeping up to date – I’ve been in that boat too and never really got anywhere. So now I’m just concentrating on the one I’m going to use for the Quick Start Challenge – I figure if we can get one to work, then it’s easier to replicate. Keep the faith!

    1. How very true… It can be a bit of a burden, a burden we create for ourselves… So I have made the same decision as yourself, to focus on the one site. Thanks for stopping by and taking the time to comment… I will be checking out your site as well. Good luck with the Quick Start Challenge and beyond! 🙂

  3. Lynne –

    Your new WordPress theme makes your website look very professional. I like your writing style which seems to be very personal and you appear the same way on your video.

    I hope you find your momentum with the Quick Start Challenge because I would like to see you continue with your posts.

    1. Hi Craig, Thank you for your kind comments… that is very encouraging. I am certainly planning to continue… I will check out your site as well. Thanks again 🙂

  4. Hi Lynne
    Great tips on the wordpress vulnerability but hopefully with the security all our Websites will be safe.

    Reading your blog remind me of myself. I took some time to get my blog and video up because I was unsure how to do it and then I wanted it to look good. The encouragement from the group and Dean to just get it up was helpful. We will all get better with time.

    Wishing you great success

    1. Hi Emme, Thanks for stopping by and taking the time to comment… I have a bit of catching up to do with ‘blog visiting’… So will definitely be checking out your site and adding it to my list. Glad you found some of the tips useful. I agree the QSC group have been very helpful, and it is a great group to belong to, especially if we can go on supporting one another… All the best for your success also 🙂

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